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Wednesday 5 July 2023

Post Series: Spondylolisthesis
This week hasn’t been as good as last week. I can feel pins and needles or random nerve pain in my right thigh a lot more.

We went for a walk to a local garden centre on the weekend and I think for the first 15 mins I had two little episodes of spasms and then it settled down for the walk. I definitely don’t walk as fast as I used to, and I don’t stride out as much so our family pace is a lot slower. My leg was also really uncomfortable when standing and waiting for everyone in the shop abut thankfully there was a chair so I tried not to look like I was lazy but waiting with a purpose.

I knew I needed to massage my right thighs on Monday but the pain and uncomfortable feeling isn’t constant so you ignore it and get on with your day, breathing through the uncomfortable moments. Walking to school became noticeable too – I can’t walk as well at the moment.

Today I had my monthly massage, although it’s been 2 months since I last had my massage. Last time we focused just on my shoulders, neck and chest as I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to massage my lower back as it was May and I was still learning about my Spondylolethisis. Today I said that we should focus on the whole back, neck and chest and then I’ll be able to feel how my body feels in the massage and also how it feels afterwards. I absolutely love getting a massage and feel where I hold tension, where I struggle to relax and how responsive my soft tissue is to breath and massage. My shoulders were seriously tight and literally up near by ears when lying face down on the massage couch! They took a lot of effort to make them let go of everything they’ve been holding on to. My lower back was so interesting, it was solid! I assumed it would be but it was still interesting to feel. I couldn’t have pressure pushing near where my spondylolethisis is and that was okay because we had a constant chat between me and my amazing massage therapist Millie. I have started using a tennis ball under my bottom, mainly for the piriformas area, to ease my nerve spasms in my leg because it doesn’t help my hip. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been able to completely reduce the pain level I can feel in that area, in the massage I could feel that Millie couldn’t sink into the muscle, with the help of me doing deep breathing, trigger point or effularge. Some of the muscles will be constantly engaged to protect my lower back and I respect that completely.

On my drive home after my massage my leg played up a lot. It was spasming quite a bit. It kicked me into action so when I got home I immediately massaged my right thigh (it feels completely different to my other thigh) and then use some cups. It definitely made a difference but I think my back needs to stay locked in for now and I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to test it all today as I needed to see how my body reacts to being treated and releasing those any areas which need attention.
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