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Saturday 22 July 2023

Post Series: Spondylolisthesis
Over a week late on my post because I have this bad knack of hiding / hoping that if I wait another day things will be better!

After my amazing sports massage, my back and leg didn’t feel so good, understantably as it was all guarding my fractured vertebrae and I loosened all the protecting muscles around it. After a self massage of my right quad and some cupping, it definitely felt a lot better and reduced the nerve spasms and pain but it took a couple of days to properly settle down.

My back is starting to ache a bit more, but I think that’s when I do too much and something I have to be very mindful of. I have always planned 45 minutes between client appointments so that no-one ever feels hurried out of the appointment, if you want to talk beforehand or afterwards then it’s not a problem, it allows me about 5 minutes to sit down to pause and rest my back…although lying down with my knees bent is always the best remedy. This week I’ve had a couple of 90 minute or 2 hour appointments which means I have 30 minutes between clients – usually not a problem but we rarely finish on time and I like to put 100% into each appointment, regardless of how long it is! Naturally I’m tired and my back tells me about it. But! It’s not as sore as pre-injections and I do think that, although I was extremely dubious about them working, the steroids injections have been doing their job behind the scenes! I might have said this before but one of the reasons for the injections was to reduce the inflammation on the disc and allow it to repair itself, which in some cases does happen. I think by the end of the school summer holidays I’ll know if the injections worked (and I have no backache) or if they’ve acted as a painkiller and I am in a lot of pain again. We’ll see! In the meantime I need to move the 90 minute appointments to start at 45 minutes after the previous appointment so I have some time to sit down and rest for a minute and that’ll help a little.

Exercise has been a bit frustrating in these last two weeks, last week I didn’t do any because internet was temperamental, and this week I only did one session because my back ached from a long day and I didn’t want to over do it.

I’ve booked the next week off as it’s the first week of the school summer holidays. My plan / hope is to gently do a 10 minute core session and two 20-30 minute fixed bike sessions and see how they are when they’re done when I’m not working. Wish me luck as well made plans rarely survive first contact!!!
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