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Gentle Release Therapy

You may have heard me talking about how the emotional and the physical being intrinsically linked, emotions, stress and trauma held together in the body. We lock these patterns of emotional and physical stress and trauma away to be dealt with at a later date…a time which we never have time for and consequently it’s kept locked away.

Which is fine…until you are holding on to too much and then it starts to affect the flow of energy (qi) around your body. Energy can’t get through easily, having to squeeze past or push through and your body is working harder and harder.

So what is Gentle Release Therapy?

Gentle Release Therapy (GRT) locates these areas that are blocked and using gentle techniques allows the body release and the energy to flow freely again, and by doing this it can help to resolve many physical and emotional problems.

Often the first appointment focus is mainly your abdomen area, on the primary Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organs, such as the liver, spleen, intestines and kidneys as well as the lungs and heart in the upper chest area. The aim will be to release from one of two major organs, mainly the liver and possibly the spleen, heart or kidneys.

Where do you do Gentle Release Therapy?

The sessions normally take place on the massage couch, with you fully clothed as no massage or manipulation work is used, just gentle holding, or occasional stroking if work is done on the feet. I also offer sessions remotely, with you fully clothed sitting in your armchair or lying comfortable on your sofa, or on your bed – wherever you feel comfortable. I have had many GRT treatments virtually so I can vouch that they work amazingly well both in person and online. 

You will have your eyes closed for the session and you may drift off to sleep, find your arm, leg or hand is restless, or have some dreams or memories which you hadn’t thought about for a while. All of which is completely normal.

Treatments work amazingly well both in person and online

How will I feel afterwards?

You may feel very relaxed and sleepy afterwards, or so energised that you get loads of work done. Your body is in charge and will tell you what you need!

How can it help me?

The aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to have balance in mind, body and spirit which will create harmony in our bodies and make it more difficult for diseases to develop.

✮ I can work to balance your body and deal with any energy blockages that I come across which is great for stress, relaxation or if you’re not 100% sure about having GRT.

✮ Or if there’s an issue you’re struggling with, like chronic pain, constipation, anxiety, lack of focus, menopause systems we can focus on,

✮ Sometimes there is a specific trauma, like the death of a loved one, problems in childhood, or something which triggers stress or anxiety. I may ask you to focus on this specific trauma, (you do not have to tell me any specific details if you don’t want to) and I will move around your body to release any trapped emotions stored in the organs.

✮ If you are gifted with a neurodivergent brain, GRT can really help to calm the chatter in the brain and the inner anger you may feel bubbling inside.

After the session I will chat to you about what I felt or found, you are welcome to share any feelings, emotions or memories that may have come up, but you don’t have to. I have a very poor memory so I usually forget what has been talked about – everything is said in confidence.

…allows the body to release and the energy to flow freely again, and…help to resolve many physical and emotional problems.

What techniques do you use?

I use extremely gentle fusion of energy healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and needle-less acupuncture that allows the body to release deeply seated emotional and physical tension and stress that you probably were not aware was even there.

As well as the TCM work with the abdominal organs, a GRT session may also include cranial release work on the head, endocrine (hormone system) balancing and lymph drainage techniques on the feet, if required.

Do you do the same thing at every treatment?

No, I don’t. It’s an intuitive therapy so it’s a totally individual treatment at each appointment. I allow your body to take the lead, all treatments are tailored to deal with what your own body needs to release at that moment in time.

It’s an intuitive therapy so it’s a totally individual treatment at each appointment.

What do you feel Hannah when you’re doing GRT?

I feel buzzing in my hands when I feel areas blocked, and you might feel heat or buzzing in certain areas too.

I may yawn, swallow a lot or have tears running down my face – all of these things don’t affect me so please don’t be concerned. I feel that these are ways that I am allowing the stuck energy in your body to release what it needs to release. I don’t hold on to any of it; after our appointment I let go of anything you talk to me about, any emotions I felt during the session or anything which isn’t meant for me by doing some huge yawns as I walk back to the room. 

Hannah 💚

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